We are Circl8 Radio.

Like a lot of community radio stations, our story starts during the dark days of lockdown 2020.

Like a lot of the working world, our founder, Dan Schott, a cook by trade, found himself furloughed and sitting at home, with very little to do, except follow the dark news and daily death tolls.

But instead of watching the world descend into COVID madness, Dan envisioned himself back in the kitchen, butterflying chicken breasts, dreaming of having time on his hands to get ambitions off the ground. It was a case of what can we do, as opposed to focussing on the restrictions in place.

So in June 2020, Circl8 Radio hit the interwaves with a clear mandate. Focus on regional music and regional selectors.

Circl8 stands for Chester Internet Radio Community Live with the 8 signalling the infinite nature of 24-hour broadcasting.

The station is co-chaired by Dan and locally well-known muso and DJ, Kenny Cunningham. We’re currently boasting around 30 volunteers.

We are completely self-sufficient. All art, logos, marketing, website build & maintenance, content, etc are done/sourced by us.

We have complete musical freedom to play what we like within our mandate. We’re not shackled to advertisers, labels, etc.

During the daytimes, you can check out our ‘North Wales X North Wales’ playlist which takes in music from the whole region including Chester, Wrexham, Manchester, and Liverpool, from the very grassroots artists to The Beatles, spanning 6 decades of music right up to yesterday.

As part of our daytime schedule, we also play tracks from our Incoming! Chester Music Guide, our ‘Tracks Of The Week’ as well as the very international grassroots submissions into our various inboxes.

Also in our daytime rosta, is our popular ‘Circl8 Covers Hour’, as well as slots from Kenny and Dan from 4pm.

Evenings focus on quality regional selectors, as well as Chester/Wrexham-centric showcases, be it a new album, a live performance or an hour-long showcase.

Circl8 Radio will always remain free at the point of listening to anyone who wants to tune in and a true local DIY indie.

If you would like to and can afford to, you can donate towards our costs, or access previous shows, as a ‘Friend of Circl8 Radio’ below:


Enjoy and welcome aboard!