As a community radio station,  we aim to promote the following values through the station.

We won’t get everything right, but we’ll try our best and feedback is always genuinely welcomed.

Accessibility: there should be no barriers to getting involved, if we can do anything to help let us know.


As a station we’re going to be involved, aware and current with local, national and international issues – and won’t be afraid to take a stand where needed.


No racism, sexism, homo/transphobia, ableism or any others thanks. Everyone should be able to get involved or listen without feeling attacked. Debate and seeing both sides is for whether you prefer tea or coffee, not whether someone should exist or be safe.


The doors are open for anyone to get involved in any way that works for them. Presenting shows, creating content, artwork or anything else are all welcomed. Just get in touch.

Unbelievable quality:

We’ll bring you the best of the local area and beyond – we’re here to support creators, makers, positive projects and those trying to change things for the better.

If you have any issues or suggestions regarding our statement, please contact us at circl8chester@gmail.com.