How YOU can get involved at Circl8 Radio!

So…You might have had a listen to the station in passing, you may be one of our army of dedicated listeners, or you may have seen one of our posts in passing and wondered how/if you should get involved?

Maybe you’ve listened to Roach, Shem, or Kenny and musically thought you could be better? Maybe you’re passionate about a genre of music that you feel gets overlooked by the station? Or do you belong to a local music collective and want to promote your cause?

Maybe you’re a student mad about music, new to the city, and want to get involved?

Perhaps you’re not musically inclined, but want to push something important to you. Or do you have a skill that you want to talk about and share?

Drop us a line at and either Kenny or Dan will be in touch to see how we can take your ideas to the next level.

If we can put it through a speaker, we can make it happen.

It’s relatively cheap to get going and our Resident Techmaster, Russell Mabbutt, is also on hand to guide you through the process.

Circl8 Radio is a network. It’s a family in many ways.

As we pass our 2nd birthday, now is an ideal time to get involved!

Join our passionate brigade of community volunteers and feel part of something bigger.

We’re also looking for social media whizzes and other talented individuals for the behind-the-scenes stuff.