Take It Easy with EZ

“This show will focus on improving Mental Health, through a better understanding of barriers and issues, with strategies and tips to help improve your own, concluding with a gentle relaxation exercise to prepare you for a great night’s sleep – the theme for the first few shows as it is a crucial factor in attaining good mental and physical health.

Music will be a relaxing mix of classical and chill, with occasional jazz and world, all designed to help you loosen and wind down during these difficult, unprecedented times.

If you would like to be part of the discussion, by suggesting a topic, an issue that you’re struggling with right now, or would like a mention for somebody, please get in touch by emailing hello@hypnocoach.pro with ‘Take it Easy’ in the title.

The power of music cannot be overestimated and when used with relaxation techniques makes quite an arresting combination.

Professional background information, I’m a qualified Personal Performance Coach and a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, accustomed to helping clients from all walks of life deal with challenges and issues that prevent them from achieving their potential.

For further information please go to hypnocoach.pro

Looking forward to your company!

Every Monday at 11pm & repeated on Thursday at the same time.

Stay safe and well…..”