Cestrian born and bred, EZ has a half-full glass attitude, taking it easy with life being too short, which the ongoing pandemic illustrates only too well.

After a career spent in financial services, the corporate world, education, and more, he uses his life experiences to help others as a personal performance coach/mentor, leadership and management trainer, hypnotherapist, tutor in related subjects and also has volunteer roles with a couple of local charities.

Enjoying challenges and variety, EZ is confident when helping others with ‘stuff’ like career development, redundancy, through to mental health issues like anxiety stress, and depression.

He loves music and tried lots of instruments, like Sax, little drum from Africa, harmonica from Dublin, an electric piano/drum things and others with limited success. He plays Irish tin whistle, recorder and a kazoo little better…so his Circl8 show is heaven, playing and sharing some of his favourite music.

“After hearing about Circl8’s launch I simply had to get in touch to see if there were any opportunities to get involved, fortunately, top man Dan was very positive in his response…
After developing my own style for a midday Saturday audience, moving forwards I would also like a later slot which in time could become a phone-in?

Listeners would get in touch and if comfortable talk in confidence – anon if preferred – about what’s going on in their lives, we’ll chat through issues and together seek solutions to overcome barriers or blockages – the ‘Frasier’ chat show immediately comes to mind!…”

You can listen to Soul Deva with EZ every Saturday at noon and repeated on Wednesday at noon.