12am: Circl8 Local.

A mix of local music, brand new breakers, and tracks from artists gigging in the region.

10am: Northern Girl, Midlands Boy:

Saturday morning chat, music, and features with Russ & Beth.

Noon: Soul Deva:

Presented by EZ Coach, Your weekly soul hit.

1pm: The Dad N Lad Rock Show:

Paul & James Nield bring the guitars as opinions sometimes differ!

3pm: A Mystery Of Psychedelia!

Quality Psychedelic Rock, Garage, and related genres, selected by Kenny Cunningham.

4pm: What’s The Frequency Kenneth?

Tune in and find out.

5pm: Schott’s Selections:

Handpicked by Dan. Non Local. Expect all sorts.

6pm:  Incoming!

The very best tracks from artists gigging in the region. See our website for more details. 

8pm: Draw The Line Radio Show: 

Jacki-E brings you the very best female producers and DJ’s, every Saturday at 8pm. 

10pm: A Darker Wave: 

A Darker Wave, the best in underground techno, presented by Jacki-E & P-Mac every Saturday from 10pm.