12am: Circl8 Local.

A mix of local music, brand new breakers, and tracks from artists gigging in the region.

12pm: Only Human Radio:

Another chance to listen to last week’s regional electronica showcase with Andy Peggs.

1pm: Tracks With Tron:

Mikey ‘Tron’ Bowyer lays out another fresh slab of the quality, the quirky, and the curious.

3pm: A Mystery Of Psychedelia!

Quality Psychedelic Rock, Garage, and related genres, selected by Kenny Cunningham.

4pm: What’s The Frequency Kenneth?

Tune in and find out.

5pm: Schott’s Selections:

Handpicked by Dan. Non Local. Expect all sorts.

6pm:  Incoming!

The very best tracks from artists gigging in the region. See our website for more details.

7pm: Rachel Ashley’s Your Turn!:

Rachel opens her little black book and chats to another star of music, stage, or the arts.

8pm: Choir Of Outsiders:

David Weir is back with a new episode of the essential contemporary folk music showcase.

9pm: Incoming!:

 Kenny Cunningham presents tracks from the very best gigs happening locally between now and the end of the year. 

11pm: Take It Easy with EZ:

Presented by EZ Coach.

Chilled Music/Wellbeing Advice/Relaxation Exercises.