Slow Down by Shadow Of Light

Slow Down by Shadow Of Light has just dropped on Circl8.

Released today, we’ll be having this track on heavy rotation to give it the push it deserves.

We grabbed SoL to ask about this classy slice of modern hip hop:

“Slow Down featuring Jack Light is my latest release which focuses on the struggles of trying to achieve in the music industry in the modern digital era. The track has a melancholy vibe with vibrant melodies and dark undertones. Jack Light brings clever lyrical content which explores the trials and tribulations of a modern day artist….” 

You can have a listen to the track on your preferred platform here or listen to the very cream of the local scene, past present & future here on Circl8 Radio, all day, every day.

My new single ‘Slow Down’ feat Jack Light is out today!!! You can listen/stream or watch for it for free! Just follow the link and chose how you want to listen: always any support will make me 😊😊Happy Friday 🕺🏼🕺🏼

Posted by Shadow of Light – SoL – Producer on Friday, 21 August 2020

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