Mark has been a full-time artist for about ten years.

He’s also a surrealist oil painter and has a painting in the Cheshire art collection, has written a few books, and presented an arts radio show for a local station but music has always been a big part of his creative output.

In the beginning, he needed to write music for his games, and even now all of his music is created using software he designed himself.

He prefers music that is somehow experimental – ‘all art needs something new or to be pushed towards a new boundary….’ 

As well as his solo music work, he’s part of duo Fall in Green with Deborah Edgeley, who perform spoken word poetry to classical piano and other music and sound effects.

His new album ‘The Dusty Mirror’ is a collection of songs with a surrealist twist.

It began as a tribute to the Sparks album Kimono My House, and some songs like ‘Since You Kicked Me Out’ echo the energy and fun of that rock music, but the album also evolved into a lot of strange areas, two of the songs are about murderers, one is about a lonely severed arm.

This is his 35th album. Most of his older music is instrumental, a lot of it conceptual electronic music.

His music now is more vocal and acoustic-based, but he always aims for some unity in theme and views the album as an art form in itself.

We’re pleased to be promoting the track ‘Since You Kicked Me Out’ on Circl8.

We will have the track on heavy rotation for the next few weeks. 

‘The Dusty Mirror’ is out on Friday the 28th of August and you can find out more here

Mark Sheeky


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