Circl8 Live: Igloo Hearts & The Lucys:

Dan Schott

I’ve enjoyed catching a few live bits and pieces over the past couple of weeks, as my foot has begun to heal and I can finally leave the house!

So in the spirit of 2013 grassroots music style, I thought I’d share a couple of clips I’ve taken along the way.

The first clip is the ridiculous Amelie by Igloo Hearts, performed live at HMV Chester several Saturdays ago.

Kenny and I are massive fans of this Wrexham duo, but it’s getting to the stage where I’m personally embarrassed to tag them into various Circl8 shows they appear in, as I’m starting to look like some weird fanboy.

They have a brand-new single being released this Friday (the 28th of July) entitled ‘Justine’.

It’s one that they’ve had for a while and is loosely based on a traumatic teenage experience, but I think we have all had a few of those to be fair. I certainly did and a half.

Check out their socials and channels to be kept up to date.

Our second live clip is from a new duo called The Lucys, consisting of singer and guitarist John Bottomley and seasoned guitar wizard Vince Cory.

They performed an intimate gig yesterday afternoon at The Saddle and raised over £300 for Macmillan Cancer Trust in CD sales and donations.

They’ve just released their brand new EP ‘Here’s Today’ which is available on CD through the musicians.

This is their cover of ‘Don’t Make Waves’ originally performed by The Byrds: