The internet community radio station first went live under the ‘Schott’s List Radio’ banner on the 31st of May 2020 by local music blogger Dan Schott to champion local music, artists and promoters. 

After the demise of Flipside Radio over three years ago and especially during the pandemic, he felt the gap left was deafening and had been patiently waiting for the DIY technology and spare time to catch up with his idea. 

After reaching out to the very best the previous station had to offer, plus approaching fresh local personalities with fresh ideas, phase 1 of the weekly schedule goes live on Monday the 29th of June 2020, with a rebrand to reflect the growing community involvement in the project:






8= Infinity 

We will be expanding with phase 2 of the schedule in a few weeks so expect more shows and more radio content. 

When we’re not running content, our automatic 24 hour a day playlist features local classics, handpicked from Schott’s 7 years of local music involvement as well as breaking releases. 

The station will be run by a committee of three of equal control to safeguard the founding principles and mission statement the station holds itself to.   

The founding committee is: 

Jim Al 

Russell Mabbutt 

Dan Schott 

For more information or press contact please email us at circl8chester@gmail.com and we’d be happy to help promptly with your enquiry.